Opened in 1987, Best Taste Chinese Restaurant is located on Indiana Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana. The restaurant is open seven days a week, offering all kinds of Chinese buffet items. For years, it has become one of the most reliable Chinese restaurants in the area, consistently offering quality Chinese cuisine. 

Overall, all the items on the buffet bar are equally popular, as all of them are tasty. And the dishes such as General Tso’s Chicken and Sweet & Sour Chicken, which are the most familiar dishes in America, enjoy the most popularity. The menu was enriched and improved by Mr. Ni, who took over the restaurant in 2002. Its reputation gets larger and larger in the city. On the internet, some customer even rates it as the best restaurant in Indianapolis. More and more customers drop in as a result of the widespread popularity through word-of-mouth.

As a family styled restaurant, Ni emphasizes that friendly service, food, sanitation and efficient speed are important factors for maintaining the trust of customers. Besides, customers feel relaxing and free to dine in Best Taste, as they are free to select foods, without the disturbance of staffs. Thus, when dining in Best Taste Chinese Restaurant, the tidy ambiance, high-quality food, and the amiable staff will always work to satisfy you.